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Mr.Vegan is a game about a vegan bodybuilder flying on a chilli pepper in space… Oops spoiler… Not really, there are 3 locations: a City, a Desert, and Space.
But this isn’t all, whilst he’s flying he only wears underpants for a… better experience… and better ventilation!

All the gameplay is accompanied with music by the «Hardbass School»
They are a quite famous hardbass band, their tracks include: Nash Gimn, Narkotik Kal, Raz Raz Raz eto hardbass.

The idea about this game is quite simple: Mr.Vegan visits his psychologist, and she advises him to take vitamin B12 pills, but warns him NOT to use them before bedtime.
Since he has a bad memory, he takes an overdose of the pills right before bedtime.
Everything that follows is a dream.
I came to the conclusion that the game doesn’t need a background, or explanations, since the plot does not affect the gameplay in any way, it makes no sense to input a story.


  • 10 tricky levels!
  • 26 easy Achievements!
  • 3 unique designed bosses!
  • 7 unique tracks by Hard bass School!


  • Music by: Hard bass School
  • Code and Art: CharlieH

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