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Shudder is a high speed, twin-stick shooter with one stick and no shooting, that sits somewhere in the middle of Geometry Wars, Pac-Man and Snake. Lost in an interdimensional wormhole, players must absorb the powerful cosmic cells in order to charge up the awesome power of the SHUDDER Drive 9000TM and release it against the unrelenting onslaught of interstellar Para-Bugs. Shatter Vortex-Cubes and decimate the bio-organic threat to rack up high scores and harvest rare resources to unlock more powerful ships and increase your chances of survival.

  • Rack up high scores.
  • Gather rare resources.
  • Convert resources into more powerful currency.
  • Purchase new and upgraded ships.

Prepare to shudder them damn bugs!

Approved controls:

Xbox 360 Gamepad
Xbox One Gamepad
Playstation 4 Gamepad
Keyboard — WASD or Arrow Keys, Space to Shudder and P to Pause

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