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For the 20th anniversary of the legendary comedy show, Bully & Co are coming back to the big cinema screen. And on your PC!

Meet the famous characters and fight yourself as a chieftain, blood brother, empress, emperor, Captain Kork or Mr. Spuck through the fascinating environments of the movie in this unique game.

BULLYPARADE — DER FILM (THE MOVIE) is an exciting jump’n’run game where speed, skill and anger can lead to success! Play against other players and enjoy being part of the fun world of Bully!

The Steam version contains a package of 1250 diamonds which can be used to unlock items.


  • Original license to BULLYPARADE — DER FILM (THE MOVIE)
  • With the voices of Michael Bully Herbig, Christian Tramitz and Rick Kavanian
  • Original soundtrack
  • Level design according to the scenes of the film
  • Pure Jump ‘n’ Run Multiplayer Action

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