Drive Switch Evade Скидка 82%

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82 ₽ 15 ₽ скидка 82% — Забрать со скидкой!

DRIVE a variety of vehicles, SWITCH between cameras and EVADE the police.

Your objective is to reach the required amount of cash.

First you must pick your vehicle, each vehicle has its own stats, which include the time it takes for the police to arrest you, to the amount of cash you earn per coin. But don’t think you can just pick the vehicle with the highest income, having a vehicle with an higher income will generally be harder to steer or have a quicker arrest time.

Pick the vehicle that works for you!

While you’re evading the police you must also manually switch between cameras to keep your vehicle in view, don’t expect this to be easy. You do however have the ‘SAT CAM’ pickup which will remove this problem, allowing you to focus on driving. The ‘SAT CAM’ pickup will always be in the city somewhere, so finding and collecting this should be your first priority.

Allows you to play from the ‘SAT CAM’ view point from the very start without any pickups.

Designed for the casual player who just wants to test their skills evading the police while using a more original camera setup.

Cash Grab — You and a friend can both have fun evading the police, first to reach the required cash wins or just crash into your friend and make sure the police catch them.

Head to Head — Go head to head with a friend with one of you taking control of the police

*Please Note: Full size keyboard required for split screen.

*New content will be added throughout early access and this description will be updated as such

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