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Wings of Virtus is an indie shoot-em-up that is all about minimalistic but challenging retro arcade gameplay.

Red alert! Hostile aliens are attacking the Terran Commonwealth. As one of the last remaining heroic pilots, you must, once more, save the day!

The game is designed around the idea of straight action gameplay with no strings attached: Equipped with the abilities to create bullet-blocking phase barriers in front of your ship and to call in support ships for help, no shop and no grind will interrupt your gameplay.


🎮 Create phase barriers in front of your ship that block incoming shots and amp your outgoing fire
🎮 Call in support ships for additional firepower
🎮 Straight and pure action gameplay: No in-game shops, no grinding, no rubbish — pure arcade skill counts!
🎮 Equip your ship by collecting powerups — Lose them all at once if you get hit!
🎮 Beat 12 challenging levels
🎮 Unlock the expert mode and challenge yourself for real
🎮 Enjoy fantastic sound effects and the orchestral soundtrack

The wings of virtus await, pilot!

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