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Sorceror’s apprentice Anton accidentally causes mayhem right before his magic exam: when his robe gets caught on a teleporter’s lever, its destination is changed, and now he has to face a much more challenging test of his budding magical skills than originally planned. Luckily, his master manages to throw a handful of scrolls through the portal, so Anton still has a chance to learn four useful spells that may help him to find his way back home.

In 80 exciting and challenging Match 3 levels with bubble shooter elements Anton has to face his hardest test so far in a beautiful setting – will he manage to find the teleporter that will take him back to his master?


  • Exciting story in a world full of magic and adventure.
  • 80 challenging Match 3 levels
  • Four helpful magic spells
  • Fun bubble shooter elements
  • Beautiful Full HD graphics

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