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After the fabulous creatures left the Earth, they lived in peace a lot of centuries but they were bored. They decided to return to Earth and seduce a mere mortal. They imagined unusual puzzles for choosing the best one of them. Anyone who can connect the dots with a magic thread can see one of the fairies, demons or beastmen.
You need to pass the test of three worlds and solve 16 puzzles in each of them to see the fabulous beauties in extremely sexy clothes and without it. The faster you connect the dots, the more stars you get.

Feature of game:
— Seductive beauties in sexy outfits and without clothes
— Exciting puzzles of varying difficulty
— 3 worlds with 16 levels in each one
— Relaxing gameplay
— Simple mouse control
— Colourful cards in anime style
— Pleasant music
— Steam Achievements

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