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169 ₽ 69 ₽ скидка 59% — Забрать со скидкой!

Cossacks 3: The Golden Age is included in Cossacks 3: Digital Deluxe Edition and Cossacks 3: Digital Deluxe Upgrade (both no longer for sale)

Cossacks 3: The Golden Age would impress you with a bunch of exciting content — its a whole new thrilling multiplayer gamemode «Historical Battle», intriguing single player scenarios, amazing campaign, early access to 2 new anticipated nations and 5 new units, and of course 2 new amazing tracks!

Digital Deluxe edition or DLC owners would have 2 weeks of exclusive access to Piedmont and Switzerland. After this initial period, all players would be able to play with these nations.

This DLC is the final part of Deluxe Edition.

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