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A unique experiment in an abstract world with fully hand-drawn graphics. Jump, shoot, collect. Sounds banal?

  • As long as you step on something, you won’t fall. Try not to fall.
  • The more momentum you have, the higher and longer you jump.
  • Change your momentum by speeding up (Shift), slowing down (Ctrl), jumping (Space), jumping consecutively (Hold Space), or moving diagonally. Or maybe doing two of these at the same time… why not?
  • Point of those stars which you have to collect is to force you maneuver in specific ways. You get no score, only pain.
  • Enemy bullets don’t kill you directly. They just explode and make you fly. If you’re lucky enough, you may land on a surface.
  • Enjoy the hand-drawn world. And don’t fall. If you do, press R to restart immediately.
  • Try not to fall.

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