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Redium is a 2D Adventure game with puzzle elements created by an indie developer.

One of the protagonists of the game, Brian Wade, works for the Hwax Technology Company to create and build aircrafts. The director of the company, Gerard, instructed the development of an anti-gravity device. However, it turned out that is is impossible without as special type of crystal which is extremely rare and can almost not be found in nature. Despite the odds Gerard and his colleagues managed to find it — and it is up to you to find out how things are going to turn out now!

Morning. Another simple day for Brian Wade, what could go wrong in a normal day?
A game that tells a story about a single crystal named ‘Redium’, Brian gets in trouble with the сompetitors as his director Gerard where Brian works. Bryan realizes that he cannot cope with all the difficulties he has encountered alone, and he is assisted by colleagues. But Brian suspects that in a short time, Gerard began to treat everything too quietly, and did not react to the new problems. What exactly is the director of the company doing? Search out for this. Investigate an entire course of events, face some spectacular shooting moments, and search for evidences.


    • A lot of different locations, which you can explore along the story of the game.
    • Search for the secrets hidden by the developer at each location.
    • A detailed combat system.
    • Highly optimized engine for a good gaming experience.

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