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Egypt: Old Kingdom artbook is a collection of concept artworks and sketches created for the game by our artists.

In the artbook you’ll find info on the following:

  • Ancient Egyptians: how they depicted themselves, their clothes, hairstyle, and common activities.
  • The rise of Ancient Egypt: artworks illustrating technological and cultural achievements of Egyptians which made the construction of pyramids possible.
  • Neighbors: nations surrounding Egypt, their customs, and their clothes.
  • Flora and Fauna: wild and domesticated animals inhabiting North Africa in the third millennium BC.
  • The Great Pyramids: colorful reconstructed images of the inner galleries and burial chambers, made with the assistance of Egyptologists.
  • “Behind the scenes”: the process of 3D map creation, animation in the game, sketches and artworks which weren’t included in the game.

As you know, for most games artists produce a lot more artworks than players see in the game. Would you like to take a look behind the scenes in the making of Egypt: Old Kingdom? In this artbook, our artist Ivan Beshkarev collected a full set of his artwork for Egypt: Old Kingdom, including icons, concept art, monument reconstructions, etc. All artworks contain his hilarious comments describing his work processes and explaining the reasons for his choice of artwork style.

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