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We all know we love snakes, right? Even if you afraid of snakes, u was in love by playing Snake game on your mobile phones while you was young. That game is nothing special but classic version of Snake with 3 modes:

Slug — mode for unhurriedly snake lovers. You can actually enjoy of every snake movement while watching. Also u can do your homework while Snake is moving. You wont lose, i tried. The mode is specify on novice players, or for people who are very patient.

Worm — medium role of a snake lovers. You would like to try it first, because as i said Slug is for very patient players.

Python — literally the mode for professional players with whole life of playing Snake. You wont try it if you are not.

I would not say that this is the best game in the world, but the original Snake was. So the reason the game is at steam, is to feel nostalgia, at least for a few minutes.

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