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US Forces Commander: Recon Support Company
Focused on intelligence and reconnaissance, this Company Commander relies on its ability to observe enemy movement and react quickly. This agile Commander will provide vital enemy intel using forward observers and high altitude recon sweeps while also being able to swiftly respond with light operational support in the form of M8 Greyhounds and Airdropped Combat Groups.

  • Forward Observers
    Riflemen squads now see further while in cover or garrisoned.
  • I&R Pathfinders
    A squad of I&R Pathfinders can be deployed to the battlefield. These I&R Pathfinders are authorized to call down artillery barrages.
  • M8 Greyhound
    A M8 Greyhound can be deployed to the battlefield. This fast, lightly armored vehicle is effective against infantry.
  • Recon Sweep
    A recon plane will do a high altitude sweep of the battlefield.
  • Airdropped Combat Group
    Two squads of Paratroopers can be paradropped into the battlefield along with an AT Gun. These Paratroopers are deployed with a random set of equipment.

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