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US Forces Commander: Mechanized Company
Light vehicles provide valuable support to advancing American infantry units. Take advantage of a wide range of light US vehicles along with air support, as the battle escalates withdraw lighter units to replace them with more armored counterparts. Heavy artillery can be used to destroy infantry or provide a support role against enemy vehicles.

  • WC51 Military Truck w/ .50 cal HMG
    The WC51 light vehicle can be deployed to the battlefield. This light vehicle has a powerful 50 caliber machinegun against infantry and light vehicles.
  • Withdraw and Refit
    US Forces vehicle units can be withdrawn from the battle for a return of resources.
  • M3 Half-track Assault Group
    Deploy a M3 Half-track filled with Assault Engineers to the battlefield. The Engineers can clear obstacles while the halftrack provides support.
  • Recon Sweep
    A recon plane will do a high altitude sweep of the battlefield.
  • 155mm Artillery Barrage
    Call in a 155mm artillery attack on the target location. These powerful shells will kill infantry and damage vehicles.

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