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SOVIET COMMANDER: Soviet Industry Tactics
Using the built up Soviet industry, make use of more and stronger vehicle units at the cost of infantry numbers.

  • KV-2 Heavy Assault Tank
    A KV-2 Heavy Assault Tank can be ordered in to the battlefield.
  • KV-8 Flamethrower Tank
    A KV-8 Flamethrower Tank can be ordered in from the Tankoviy Battalion Command building.
  • Vehicle Crew Repair Training
    Vehicle crews gain an ability to repair battlefield damage on their vehicles once they leave combat.
  • Allied Supply Drop
    A cargo plane will deliver available fuel to the target location, varying in amount based on availability. The cargo plane is highly vulnerable to anti-air units.
  • Repair Station
    Allows engineers to build an immobile repair station which sends out engineers to repair nearby vehicles.

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