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OKW Commander: Fortifications Doctrine
Hold back the enemy at all costs with heavy defensive structures. Infantry can construct advanced defensive buildings. Heavy weapons such as the Pak43 can be combined with zeroing artillery to zone out and eradicate breakthroughs.

  • leFH 18 Artillery
    This light 10.5cm Field Howitzer doesn’t have the destructive power of some Soviet artillery, but it counters with a good rate of fire and reasonably long range.
  • Heavy Fortifications
    Sturmpioneers can construct Tank Traps, Flak Emplacements, and Trenches.
  • Field Defenses
    Volksgrenadiers can build minefields and bunkers.
  • Pak 43 Emplacement
    Pioneers and Sturmpioneers are able to construct powerful Pak 43 88mm anti-tank emplacements.
  • Zeroing Artillery
    Automatically attacks visible enemy units in the target area. Artillert rate of fire ramps up the longer the target is visible.

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