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OKW Commander: Elite Armor Doctrine
Use superior equipment and experienced crewmen to augment your armored forces. Plan your tactics with Signal Relay or recover your armor with an Emergency Repair. Use the Sturmtiger to spearhead the assault.

  • Signal Relay
    Boosting signal range briefly reveals enemy vehicles on the minimap.
  • Emergency Repairs
    Vehicle crews gain the ability to repair critical damage on their vehicles. The crew is very vulnerable during this repair procedure.
  • High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) Shells
    Tanks are now issued HEAT ammunition for increased penetration.
  • Panzer Commander
    The Panzer IV, Panther & King Tiger can be upgraded with a Panzer Commander that can survey the battlefield and call in coordinated artillery strikes.
  • Sturmtiger
    The Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 mit 38cm RW 61, more commonly known as the Sturmtiger, is an assault vehicle capable of firing a 376kg rocket-assisted shell devastating to enemy force concentrations or structures.

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