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GERMAN COMMANDER: Elite Troops Doctrine
Utilize Germany’s most elite companies using stronger base troops with added abilities.

  • Tiger Ace
    High command sends in a legendary Tiger Ace. Only one is available, once deployed fuel income will be reduced by 90% and manpower will be reduced by 25% until the Tiger Ace is destroyed.
  • Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade
    Combat Infantry can be upgraded with this package which adds two G43 rifles and includes training in interrogation.
  • Panzer Tactician
    All armored vehicles get an ability which uses equipped smoke dischargers to prevent themselves from being seen.
  • Model 24 Stun Grenades
    Grenadiers and Panzer Grenadiers can throw Model 24 stun grenades, which will stun enemy infantry.
  • Stormtroopers
    Elite infiltration troops who are experts at disrupting enemy supply lines. These units can be deployed from any ambient building.

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