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British Commander: Vanguard Operations Regiment
The Vanguard Operations Regiment utilizes a mixed force of air and ground support to maintain a strong frontline presence. Launch the Forward Logistics Glider to provide early field support, advance quickly with the Raid Operation, and call for Strafing Support to maintain air supremacy. Finally, the potent Vanguard Operations Crocodile can be deployed in order to make the decisive thrust into enemy territory.

  • Raid Operation
    Allows all your infantry and British vehicles to capture points quickly. Use this to break through enemy lines.
  • Forward Logistics Glider
    Deploy a Forward Logistics Glider Headquarters with an Airlanding Officer to the targeted sector. The headquarters provides additional Commandos, reinforcements and a greater return of resources in the sector it occupies.
  • Vehicle Crew Repairs
    Damaged vehicles will stop and begin to repair themselves rapidly. While repairing, these vehicles will be covered by a smoke barrage.
  • Strafing Support
    Two Hawker Typhoons target the designated area with rockets and machineguns.
  • Vanguard Operation “Crocodile”
    Nearby batteries will fire a quire illumination shot to the target area while a Churchill Crocodile is deployed to the field.

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