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British Commander: Tactical Support Regiment
Tactical Support Regiments help out behind the lines, improving existing units and providing fire support to allies. Designate a Command Vehicle to improve nearby forces or use air support to provide equipment to frontline troops. Artillery can cover advancing troops while recovery teams gather resources from vehicle wrecks. A Forward Observation Post can be used to provide rapid response to nearby threats.

  • Designate Command Vehicle
    Designate a target vehicle as a Command Vehicle. The Command Vehicle will improve nearby units and increase the recharge rates of commander abilities.
  • Field Recovery Operation
    Dispatch 2 Royal Engineer Recovery squads who can salvage vehicle wrecks for resources. When dispatched, flares will be fired over vehicle wrecks that are in the target area.
  • Air Resupply Operation
    Air support will automatically drop medical and weapon supply crates on the targeted friendly territories. Infantry units will move and reinforce faster in friendly territory.
  • Artillery Cover
    Artillery will automatically attack units in the area. Vehicles will be hit with disabling howitzer fire, while infantry will be suppressed with light artillery fire. Damaged vehicles will be covered by a volley of smoke shells.
  • Forward Observation Post
    Designate an occupied ambient building as a Forward Observation Post. This building can direct air and artillery support with unique abilities.

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