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British Commander: Special Weapons Regiment
The versatile Special Weapons Regiment values combined arms and well-coordinated tactics. Infantry Sections are granted optional anti-tank upgrades and provided with powerful anti-armor grenades. Resupply Half-tracks and Typhoon strafing runs grant your infantry more staying power on the front lines. Use improved Coordinated Fire and devastating Crocodile flamethrower tanks to finish off your foes.

  • Tank Hunters Infantry Section
    Tank Hunter Infantry Sections can be deployed to the targeted area. They are equipped with Boys AT Rifles and can detect nearby vehicles. They also have access to anti-vehicle HEAT grenades.
  • Resupply Half-Track
    Dispatch a Resupply M3 Half-track. This unique Half-track can reinforce units and deploy weapons on the frontline.
  • Hold The Line!
    Infantry units in friendly territories gain increased defense. After a period of time, Hawker Typhoons strafe enemies on the frontlines with rockets and machineguns.
  • Concentrated Fire Operation
    Heavy supporting artillery will fire at the target location.
  • Vanguard Operation “Crocodile”
    Nearby batteries will fire a quire illumination shot to the target area while a Churchill Crocodile is deployed to the field.

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