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Welcome to Bouncy Butter Ball ! In this ACT game, you can control a ball to break colored boxes, pass through dangerous thorn-blocks, moving gates, flipping traps, keys & locks.. 56 levels and 188 achievements will make you crazy !! Refreshing new record on leaderboard is VERY ADDICTIVE !!

Gameplay GIFs:


  • The butter ball is crazy!! it’s always bouncing up and down itself, you can only drive it by left and right, what funny thing will happen in this game?
  • The red ball can only break the red boxes, get the red key, open the red lock, and cannot break other colored boxes, even may be nipped by others colored boxes.
  • Artful stage design.
  • Run! the dangerous pricks are coming!
  • Wow, I nearly get All-combo .. eh .. why it turns a flipped-ball?
  • There is a big moving gate ahead. Uh, why clipped? Oh, no, why clipped again?
  • New record ! Oh yeah!
  • This game is so ADDICTIVE !! I cannot stop playing it!
  • Can you get all the 168 stars ?
  • Can you achieve all the 188 achievements ?

More levels to come !

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