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Tired of easy and repetitive Turn-Based Battles? Tired of missing attacks? Tired of never using States? Look no further! For this is The Battles of Spwak!

Forced to become an Adventurer for circunstances out of his control, Spwak, the Protagonist and his companions must face dozens of challenging Battles. Resilient enemies. Dangerous foes. Nasty opponents. You name it, they will face it. Can you make them thrive, regardless of the adversities? Even in the Challenges and Survival Modes? Meanwhile, have fun with their Story.


  • Highly challenging and often strategic Turn-Based Battles
  • 100 Unique Battles
  • 5 Different Party Members
  • 96 Different kinds of Enemies
  • 47 Usable Skills
  • Retry Feature — Restart the Battle in a heartbeat
  • Observation Feature — See your Enemies’ strengths and weaknesses
  • All your Skills are 100% accurate
  • Over than 20 hours of gameplay (all Modes included)
  • Challenges Mode — Can you complete all of them?
  • Survival Mode — How far can you go?
  • Humorous names and funny dialogue
  • 17 Achievements


  • Movement: Arrow Keys, Num Pad (2, 4, 6, 8), Left Click
  • Action: Z, Enter, Space, Left Click
  • Menu / Cancel: X, Esc, Num Pad (0), Right Click
  • Dash / Walk: Shift

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