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Inspired by the emerging style of Neon, Cyberpunk and VaporWave esthetics, NeonCam gives a unique take on color filtering, allowing you to capture photos and videos that truly stand out.
The photo and video capture mode, allow you to see the world through one of the more than 100 build-in looks.
You can also import photos directly from your photo library to try out the looks on your existing photos.

• Over 100 Unique, Handcrafted Looks
Explore the more than 100 looks.

• Light Control
Adjust the light and contrast to highlight your subject.

• Fade Controls
Fine-tune the final look using the fade controls.

• Diamond Color
Shuffle the colors and tune each for a near endless combination of looks.

• Sapphire Color
Control the look of desaturated colors, giving you even more control.

• Neon Color
Control the neon look

• Color Curves
Tweak the final look with RGB and Luminance curves.

• Realtime Preview
See a realtime preview of the effect in photo and video capture mode

• Manual Camera Control
Control exposure and shutter to reduce noise in low light situations.

• Smooth Motion
Make your videos buttery smooth using the Smooth Motion toggle.

Have any questions or feedback? Contact us!
@neoncamapp on Instagram or Facebook

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