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You are an urban explorer – with a passion for golf! Urban Explorer Golf is a 2D Physics Puzzle Sports Game in which you discover and explore abandoned buildings and hidden places in four completely different environments. …and why not improve your handicap, while you’re at it!

Golf your way through abandoned office buildings, dark and murky sewers, dirty construction sites and an old, decaying hospital! Face multiple and diverse challenges! Oh, and did we mention competitive game modes, destructible objects, hidden levels and player customization yet? The simple yet addictive gameplay in combination with a huge amount of content lets you explore Urban Explorer Golf for hours.


  • 2D Physics
  • 8 Different ball types (4 unlockable) with unique physics behaviours
  • Over 60 Levels in 4 different courses and many secret bonus levels
  • innovative and simple game play
  • desctructible objects
  • dangerous hazards
  • interactive objects such as levers, buttons and huge dump trucks
  • stunning music!
  • and much more

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