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Pixel Ship Shooter is a fast-paced retro shooter game, dodge bullets and zap your friends to death!


* Retro-style gameplay
* Up to 4 player multiplayer
* LAN and global online hosting
* State-of-the-art graphics and visuals
* Power-ups
* Colorful explosions


* WASD and arrow keys for movement
* Space to shoot
* R to respawn
* Esc to enter main menu
* F11 to toggle full screen


* Unblock ports 7777 and 27015 in TCP and UDP
* Unblock game in the Firewall
* Enter main menu
* Click "Host match"


* Unblock game in the Firewall
* Enter main menu
* For LAN use local IP in text bar (example
* For Internet use global IP
* Press Enter and then "Connect"

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