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Solitaire «Klondike» is familiar to everyone. The goal of the game is to arrange the cards by suit in order from ace to king in four columns. At first you should put aces, then deuces, threes and so on to the king. The cards can be dealt from the remaining card deck of one or three pieces.

We did not change the rules of the classic game. These rules stay unchanged but you will get a card deck with images of naked girls in anime style and you can unlock 52 images with sexy girls in the gallery. You can play solitaire again and again. It is great fun to relax and train your brain!

Peculiar properties of game:

— Familiar rules and classic gameplay.
— Gorgeous arts with sexy girls in anime style.
— Ability to select a card deck.
— Gallery with all the girls from the cards.
— Relaxing music.
— Steam achievements.

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