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  • Easy to play, difficult to master

    Simple controls with movement that’s fast, fluid and precise. You can dodge each obstacle one by one or double jump past everything at speed!

  • 60 unique levels spread across 6 themed worlds

    Each world has multiple branching paths allowing you to complete the game without even having to do half of the levels.

  • Awesomely bouncy electronic beats

    16 tracks that drive the action with classic video game style melodies and beat-matched visuals.

  • Replays and Ghosts

    The nuances to Lumi’s movement coupled with levels and mechanics designed for speedrunning brings with it ways to always improve your best level times. Share your best replays with the world or see how you rank on the leaderboards.

  • Level/world editors

    Create and share via the Steam Workshop your own devilish levels and worlds with fully integrated editors.

  • ALL future updates and content are free

    With at least two new shorter campaigns planned and new feature updates, you pay once and get everything Super Lumi Live for life.

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