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Your friend probably recommend you to check out this game,
As there no other reason for you to be visiting us here at our far, dark & humble indie home at the steam store.

So you are looking for an adventure I hear?
What about saving the 12 thai boys from their cave?

Or you can just buy a triple A game from a few years ago that cost millions to produce but is on a sale for $5 (sounds like a great idea).
But you aren’t looking for that are you?
You want a short, cool, casual, creative experience… An indie game!
I got you covered.
come closer and examine the merchandise:
This game is only 2 hours long,
The graphics are so bad we call them pixel art,
Auto saving with no way of going back,
There are speling mistakes,
And don’t get me started on the sound.

Indie heaven isn’t it?
I knew you would love it.

(P.S if you either liked this description or love platformers you will love this game)

Let’s save those booooiiiiiiiis!!!!!!!


Cavedare may contain strong language

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