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It is TROUBLE☆WITCHES ORIGIN original soundtrack.
This was specially made for STEAM users!
This soundtrack is a new mix. It is a fantastic worldview, comical but you can enjoy various colorful music depending on the scene!
If you listen to this music, you surely will be included in this world.
It contains 30 track used during the game and a character voice voice eye catch of the game as a bonus track.
here we go! Let ‘s enjoy BGM of Japanese — made comical witch shooter game!
MP3 and high sound quality FLAC, two kinds of format are prepared.

・Sound Track List ☆彡
01 Credit -Witches’ Time-(Coin~Start fanfare) *クレジット~魔女の時間
02 Presentiment of trouble(Title Back~Opening) *タイトルバック~オープニング
03 The door to the abyss(Witch Select) *深遠へのトビラ (魔女セレクト)
04 Daily life of individual(Prologue) *各キャラクター プロローグデモ
05 Arise(Eye catch fanfare) *魔女開眼 (アイキャッチファンファーレ)
06 Catch up with and overtake that express train!(Stage01 BGM) *追いつけ追い越せ急行列車
07 Daughters’ themes!(Boss BGM01) *アマルガムの娘たち(ボス1)
08 Backdown(Stage Clear) *撤収 (ステージクリア)
09 Green lights Cascade(Stage02 BGM) *緑の光のカスケード
10 Ice-whale Rondo(Stage03 BGM) *冷凍クジラのロンド
11 FuniFuni KuraKura(Stage04 BGM) *フニフニ・クラクラ
12 Terrible strain!(Boss BGM02) *緊張するぅ!(ボス2)
13 Kick the otherworldly gate and break it!(Stage05 BGM) *蹴破れ!異世界の門
14 Colonnade to the End(Stage06 BGM) *終焉へのコロネード
15 Speed along with madness and nightmare(LAST BOSS Amalgam BGM) *ひた走る狂気と夢魘(対 アマルガム)
16 Unrealistic Happy End(Epilogue) *実感のないHappyEnd
17 Toward the port town(Staff credit) *港町を目指して
18 Night night, I’m tired(Leaderboard) *疲れたので寝ます
19 Kinda weird smell(Shop1 Pumkin girls Ptheni) *へんなお香が漂っている(ショップ1)
20 The dumping expert(Shop2 Pumkin girls Pelu) *ダンピングの名人(ショップ2)
21 Wear the mystery of invention(St1 Chime Brown Event) *発明の神秘を嵩に着る
22 All the same(St2 Wrinkle & Mell Event) *姿形も言うことも同じ
23 Comforting KOTATSU and mandarin oranges(St3 Snowberry White Event) *おこたでみかん
24 The Sunder-Flame elder sis(St4 Lili Reacmaier Event)*サンダーファイヤー姉
25 The fallen place(St5 Malcem Yukika Event)*くぼんだ場所
26 The stately darkness(St6 Amalgam Caries Event)*森厳なる悪意
27 When the angel comes down, it ends(Event1)*天使が降りてきたら終わり
28 Unclouded feeling(Event2)*澄み渡ったきもち
29 Aqua Seep Seal ENKA Song The electric town girl -Instrumental-*アクア・シープ・シール 電気街の女
30 Retire. -Game over-(Game Over)*リタイア魔女
31 Bonus track 1(Eye catch fanfare Boss Character)*ボーナストラック おまけ その1
32 Bonus track 2(Eye catch fanfare Player Character)*ボーナストラック おまけ その2

Composer by Kondo Ina (Studio SiestA)

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