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The Gold Magic 800 is a puzzle game that will teach your unconscious mind to think like an entrepreneur.

The game is based on moving your box around to get gold score (=800) to open the First Door (Box Number 1) Then directly put your box on the Door (this will open the next door), Then continue to put your box on all of the next doors in the level, You need the score (800) only for the first door, The next doors doesn’t require this condition, but your way of gold will be converted to a wall once you put the Box on any door, so select your path carefully.

What will you learn?
1- Plan First
2- Move to your target directly then go to get the required resources.
3- Look to the future when you evaluate the different solutions
4- Try to avoid mistakes, Also learn from them
5- Respect the Cost (800)
6- Focus and be careful
7- Be patient and Enjoy!

The game is developed using the Ring programming language (Ring, RingAllegro & RingOpenGL).

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