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We are a dad and a mom making Auri’s Tales under the name of Dad’s Indie Studio.
Auri’s Tales is a tiny game by @amadeumartinez and @naretaa made with love and very few resources.

We are making this game in our free time, just for the pleasure of do it. We are in love with the idea of leaving it behind as a gift to our daughter, and we like to imagine that she one day will play a little 3D adventure designed by her fathers and placed in a fantasy world that is based on our own life.

About the game
Auri’s Tales is a tiny 3D adventure game in which players will need to solve 12 quests to get access to the castle and complete the game. The whole game will be contained in one single level that works as a mini open world that players can freely explore and evokes to the classic 3D platformers.

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Prince, Zelda I, Mario 64, Conker Reloaded or Dark Souls are some of the influences that inspire this game in different ways.

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