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What’s the result of not quitting a day job and toiling off-hours for 8 years? This hot pile of garbage! Enjoy a mishmash of random ideas that have popped in my head over the past decade, shoved into a 2D-Platforming game!

Play as the heroic Super Bugman, a uhhh blue thing that is completely average and stomp your enemies, or play as other characters (*when you unlock them) who have other abilities!

Well, it’s a game! Not your average 2-D side-scroller, jump, pick stuff up, place it down, throw onions, use special abilities, and most importantly solve the platforming puzzles throughout the story mode!. Play through the Story Mode, have fun in Creative Mode, tackle the Procedural generated Chaos levels, and even design your own levels in the level editor. If you beat Story Mode, there are several more "Hard Mode" levels which can be unlocked.

Challenge awaits, do you PRESS START to begin?

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