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SpellForce 2 — Anniversary Edition presents the award-winning SpellForce saga hits: «SpellForce 2 – Shadow Wars» and the add-on «SpellForce 2 – Dragon Storm» for a spectacular game experience!

Experience the age of heroes: roleplaying action & realtime strategy in a perfect mix of genres.

Mysterious powers arise from darkness and shadow. They are threatening Eo, the world of SpellForce, already devastated by wars and sundered by intrigues. A hero, born of the legendary Shaikan and linked by a life bond with an ancient dragon now holds the fate of the world in his hands! Unite powerful heroes and armies under your banners, as only with joined forces you can combat this threatening doom! The burden of ancient blood is heavy, and it is yours to carry…

Anniversary Edition Features:

— Re-implemented multiplayer and NAT traversal for a smooth online experience
— Many Bugfixes
— Additions and Fixes for the Free Game Mode
— Widescreen Support
— Full compatibility with modern operating systems

Major Engine & Technical Re-Design/Re-Work:

— Grass rendering improved
— View distance improvements
— Improved trees (trunk/branch)
— Improved leaf rendering (add leaf subsurface scattering)
— Improved lighting (per pixel, basic Bidirectional reflectance distribution function specular, rim light, view dependent ambient, etc)
— Improved shadows (soft shadows, percentage-closer filtering)
— Shader Model 3.0 usage only

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