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We are a small indie company with few members, we live as freelancer of games for external companies and we decided to make a small and casual game. I would like very much to receive any kind of feedback so that the game grows with the community. Any questions about any functionality, something wrong in the game or even if you want to talk about development please contact us through Facebook, Forums, Website.

I really hope you like the game (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  • Cube Zone is a frenetic puzzle game! Think fast, match the color patches on the board or drop them all before you reach the end! it may seem easy at first, but we guarantee that our different maps and varied mechanics will put you to the test!
  • Last Standing drop all tiles before you go to the end!
  • Get All Colors match the color patches on the board
  • Many maps
  • Several different mechanics for each game mode
  • Total control support
  • 19 different songs

  • The SFX is by the artist “Little Robot Sound Factory”
  • The in game soundtrack is by the artist “Neocrey”

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