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Sado Maso is on a twisted quest against hostile entities and to seek out supreme dominance and toxic masculinity. Help him reach full release in this crazy adventure. May Trigger many, even frat boys. It’s Rated N for Not a Baby Sitter. Makes fun of Game Glitches, Politicians, Dirty Things, Mocks Types of Criminals, everything I could get to.
NSFW. A lot of hidden dungeons, and items and it isn’t made easy to find your way through the game. It’s very old school. Like talk to villager old school, and all that sort of stuff.
If you can see this, Steam over see-ers realize it’s not being sold to a General Audience.

Simple control scheme, reverses a bit on Steam Link.
It runs like a standard old Top Down RPG, look around for things, some areas require certain items and certain party members to receive them.
In fact all 4 Party members are the only way to get back to the Throne Room.
Game play is pretty basic, but search and discovery is a must.
Some surprise NPC actions.
There are jokes about things from AAA Glitches to Politics. Certain things like "Poison" are STD, and stuff like that.
Until I end up making other language versions, if I do, more might get added for free, no promises.
Blue Humor.
Not PC, but not a Alt-Right Love Fest.
Hand Drawn, Scanned Monsters.

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