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Hello Professor Watts here and I need your help! I’ve been hard at work on my space voyage, collecting samples and documenting important research materials. Now that I have returned to my laboratory I find all of my research files has been jumbled about. I need a smart researcher like yourself to help me put things back the way they were supposed to be and time is critical. With my colleagues on the way we don’t have much time, join me in my search for an organized laboratory. Solve over 20 different randomized word puzzles where no play through will be exactly the same. Challenge yourself and obtain top rank on each level in record time and enjoy a casual puzzle game you can come back to and experience a new puzzle each play.

20 Unique Levels
Randomized Puzzles Every Game(no play through is exactly the same)
Timed Rounds
Collect stars each round to keep track of how your doing

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