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In Land of Puzzles: Castles the king and queen need your help. To avoid war the king has accepted a challenge of puzzles to solve. He needs you to solve 15 sets of challenging puzzles and help him secure the kingdom. Each set of these challenges contains a three by three and six by six puzzle. To move on to the next challenge you will have to solve both puzzles in a row. Each puzzle is randomly created so you can enjoy replaying with a new experience each play through. In Land of Puzzles Castles you will enjoy hours of puzzle solving with a medieval castle theme. Run into a hard puzzle? Use the hint button at any time to overlay the finished puzzle to see what parts you’re missing. Land of Puzzles Castles needs you to save the kingdom, a true challenge for any puzzle enthusiast.

15 Levels
3×3 Rotation Puzzles
6×6 Rotation Puzzles
30 Puzzles total
Random Puzzle Creation
Hint Helper

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