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Dash Island has been evacuated! The citizens have been forced back to outer space leaving only small traces of their technology behind. You will be sent down to Dash Island with the sole purpose of liberating the Island and returning peace to the citizens. You will need to collect all of the "Algos" on Dash Island by making your way past speedy enemies in maze-like environments…. without getting caught! Play through over 18 levels with bonus & secret levels to be discovered.

Your character must make their way through a maze with the objective of reaching the end, while avoiding enemies. The level will reset if the enemies catch you!
Some levels will be timed and some will require you to activate switches throughout the maze.

— Fast & Fluid game-play, no boring tutorials, start playing within seconds. Inspired by Doom 95.
— Play in 2 bonus modes: Run around collecting Pysankas (Little Eggs) while keeping your head up for enemies on your tail. Up the ante with the creatively named "hard mode" where the faster (angrier) enemies come out to play.

What’s Included
Dash Island — The Game
Soundtrack Produced by ScandiBeats

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