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A mix of Сard games and Roguelikes. Fight with monsters, craft your unique deck and kill bosses. Try experimenting with different combinations and strategies to complete all raids. Start monster hunting in this new deckbuilding game!

  • Four main decks of cards.
  • Lots of strong combinations.
  • Opponents, requiring individual approach.
  • Raids with varying difficulty.
  • Pretty graphics and relaxing soundtrack.

Choose your deck

Choose your starting deck with unique cards, improving it throughout the game. Pick up cards that combine with each other best to be able to defeat even the strongest opponents and complete your hunt for monsters. And for hardcore fans there is an empty deck that you will fill from scratch.

Monster Hunting

On the way we will meet a variety of monsters with their own characteristics. To win, use the weaknesses of opponents. Each battle requires its own individual approach, and randomly created game situations will make more than once to think about their actions.


In the game there are various raids, varying in complexity. Starting from the most simple, gradually we will approach the Great Hunt for monsters, where we can fight with the DARK Paladin, imposed infection on these lands.

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