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StarDrive 2 — Shipyards Content Pack!

This content pack expands upon the base game by adding new ships, heroes, and features!

This pack includes:

  • 13 new customizable ship hulls ranging from the smallest corvettes to two HUGE new Titan class hulls
  • Each of these hulls has a special passive ability to differentiate it from other ships on the field. Some ships gain bonuses with certain weapons while others may have increased defensive capabilities
  • A new fighter and heavy fighter expand your force projection powers when using these new hulls
  • All of the new ships employ a dynamic weapon turret system. Depending on the size and number of weapons installed on your ships, you will see weapon turrets appear on your ships that track their targets independently!
  • Two new heroes join the roster in this content pack: Wyatt, the Notorious Outlaw, and Vos, the Master Engineer! Their powerful abilities will surely help you win your next Brutal-difficulty run, won’t they?

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