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In this game you will face an interesting mix of two seemingly incompatible genres. Can you imagine playing poker and defending your territory at the same time as in the classic Tower Defense? However, think about the fact that winning a game of poker you can earn money on vital resources with which you can strengthen your defense and everything will fall into place at once!


  • Unique mechanics
  • Tower Defense
  • Card game
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux

If you look closely, the unusual in this game is not only the presence of poker games as a means to earn game money for protection. Themselves the defenders consist of the classic dice — the Dyson. Gradually, they can be improved by connecting in pairs with the same cubes, thereby saving space on the playing field and strengthening the defense. Over time, a place on the table will be vital, so do not neglect this opportunity! Cubes have different effects-some just cause damage, others freeze or hit multiple targets. Of course, this greatly affects their price and your task will be to find a compromise between these parameters and build an ideal defense, which nothing will be able to break through.

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