Watch_Dogs® 2 — T-Bone Pack Скидка 75%

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Get the style and the swagger of legendary hacker T-Bone Grady in the first Watch_Dogs 2 DLC bundle! Outfit Marcus with T-Bone’s signature look, and plow a path of epic destruction through San Francisco in T-Bone’s customized truck — specially equipped to lift and annihilate vehicles, enemies, and anything else in your way.

Fend off a new elite class of enemy as you’re assaulted with laser-guided grenade launchers, and raise the stakes with an all-new co-op difficulty mode.

New Features:
— T-Bone Truck available in the car-on-demand app
— One complete T-Bone inspired outfit
— New elite enemy class, armed with laser-guided grenade launchers
— New co-op difficulty mode

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