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Release Day! Gameplay Notes:
The game is open ended, and it’s a roguelike so if your character dies, they get deleted.
Be careful when starting a new character and you can also use your partner Bill to help with beginning enemies.
Even a powerful combination of powers still leaves your young character vulnerable to most enemies.
The controls are mouse all three buttons and Keyboard W,A,S,D there are also lots of little secrets.

About the Game

Project Almighty

The code name for the Super Agent project, you’ve been unleashed on a corrupted town taken over by mobs of crazy criminals bent on ravaging, raiding and causing mayhem. Can you answer the call for a hero? Take back the streets and homes of the terrified population frozen in fear.

You start by creating any character you can think up, experiment with different powers and abilities, punch, blast and blow up tons of bad guys. Design the look of your avenger of the weak.

Random Encounters!

Arcade combat with your custom Superhero! Find out the strengths and weaknesses of every type of hero!

Be careful because even a seemingly powerful Super can be defeated and overwhelmed!

Rogue like game play means if your Hero is defeated they are erased from history, but you can just make another to try again to protect the town!

Save Citizens!

Make 100’s of different Superheroes!

Use your power patrol the streets and to stop crime, beat down violent criminals in this sandbox town.

The town needs your hero to fight off endless gangs and monsters!

Protect the citizens!

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