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The Red Bull Rookies Cup is a category that accompanies the MotoGP™ at 7 races during the international championship. It was set up with the aim of training younger riders, and giving the most talented an opportunity to take part in the MotoGP™ championship. Launched in 2007, the programme originally assigned each of the rookies a KTM RC 125, substituted in 2013 by the KTM RC 250 R. A lot of the younger riders currently racing in the MotoGP™ championship got their start in this category: it’s an excellent way to learn how to race on real circuits, and perfect for honing your riding skills.

With this additional category, you’ll be able to recreate the entire career arc of a MotoGP™ rider: get on your KTM RC 250 R, and take on the youngest, and boldest riders, whose vigour makes these fiercely fought races among the most compelling confrontations on the tracks.

(Bikes and Riders from the DLC can be used in offline and online Grand Prix, Championship, Time Attack, and Split Times modes)

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