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The Guns of Icarus Alliance Costume Pack contains $60 worth of items to transform you from a deckhand into a truly fearsome sky captain. From full Steampunk inspired costumes to hats, goggles, and dyes, your Guns of Icarus closet will be filled with a vast and wild assortment of choices.

— The Way (male gunner costume)
— The Way (female gunner costume)
— Dusthopper Suit (male engineer costume)
— Dusthopper Suit (female engineer costume)
— Port City (male pilot costume)
— Horizon (female pilot costume)
— Dust Rider (male costume)
— Red Sparrow (female costume)
— Aviator Cap (male hat)
— Aviator Cap (female hat)
— Plumed Tricorn (female hat)
— Armadillo Hat (male hat)
— Cyclops Patch (male goggles)
— Mustacio Monocle (male goggles)
— Gas Mask (female goggles)
— Mechanics Goggles (female goggles)

(x5 of the following dyes)
— Horologist Gray
— Carmine Red
— Red Rust
— Indigo
— Burnt Ocre
— Imperial Purple
— Forest Green

To find the costumes, click on Character at the top right of the screen once you’re in game. Once on the Character screen, click on the Costume button to see the extra costumes you just unlocked. Remember to cycle through the classes and genders to see them all!

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