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Bloodlines of Prima is a FPS RPG set in a cosmic prison with elemental abilities and server wide progression. Player hosted and Official servers allow for many different types of PvP and PvE play with up to 200 players. Help us build the best game possible, host a server and give us feedback!

Starting as a mere pleb, players help maintain the prison, gather amazing tools, and forge their own destiny. Rended from your planet by Prima’s will, your role is to now maintain peace between the Elemental warlords while keeping the Old One sealed inside Prima’s dark core.

We simply hope to invoke the feelings and gameplay of Halo 2, Classic World of Warcraft, Rust and DayZ. Set in a dark fantasy survival world with at least 200 players per server. It’s been a tricky game to explain. Hopefully we can make something we all enjoy playing, PvE or PvP fans!

Don’t hesitate to find our Discord and talk to the team or leave feedback anywhere you find us.

Also we have a WebGL version of the game with gutted graphics you can try.

Abilities come in many shapes and sizes, 8 different major types of abilities to be exact. Each ability will interact with each other, any organic creatures and all the technology of Prima. The backbone of Prima relies on this elemental energy, and amazing abilities are strewn about in the most secret parts of its workings. You have full control over the abilities that come with the 4 ring slots of your person. No restrictions on your creativity, be a HoT tossing debuffer or an energy restoring speed buffing ninja. Or you could stack strength gear, dmg reductions and high aggro generation to be a classic tank.

There are dungeons scattered throughout the world and more are in development. Dungeons are not instanced and have no limit on the number of players that can be inside at any time. Some dungeons can be cleared with a small group of players, but others are much more difficult and require a large raid group. We hope with the player feedback we can really focus in on what makes large guild raiding fun.

There are always goals that every player on the server can work towards at any given time. Whether its collecting materials, completing quests or defeating a giant world boss, there are always goals for everyone to cooperate together and achieve. Again we hope with the player feedback we can really focus in on what makes large guild raiding fun and really help quest work with this. Legendary questline anyone?

Gain experience from killing enemies, harvesting items, completing quests, clearing dungeons and transmuting items. Once you gain enough experience your Bloodline level increases, which gives you a point to spend. You never lose your points, they are permanent. Even if you die and lose your current character, you respawn still benefiting from the points you’ve already invested.

The transmute system allows you to create a new item by simply combining two existing items. Every item in the game can be transmuted, and we have hundreds so far. You can also create consumable items, upgrade gear, fuse new abilities to rings, create keys for raids, and much much more! from items that you loot from enemies or collect in the environment.

Place any two items in the Materia and Animus slots, hover over the fuse button to preview the result of the transmutation. The possibilities are endless.

Every attribute point matters. There are no throwaway stats. If you get a gear upgrade, you will notice a difference immediately.
They help combat and the survival aspects of the game.

The effects system pushes many debuffs and buffs pertaining to attribute points. Managing such effects will be central to many encounters in Prima. Use abilities and items to clear and gain effects.

  • Agility: For every point of agility, wind abilities gain 4 damage, projectile speed increased, player speed increased.
  • Strength: For every point of strength, earth abilities gain 4 damage, total health gains 10, total food gains 2.
  • Rebound: For every point of rebound, nature abilities gain 4 damage, abilities come off cooldown faster.
  • Focus: For every point of focus, water abilities gain 4 damage, abilities cost less, total water gain of 2.
  • Confidence: For every point of confidence, lightning abilities gain 4 damage, abilities travel farther distances.
  • Prowess: For every point of prowess, fire abilities gain 4 damage, total energy gain of 20.

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