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Steam Workshop

When you create your own colony, you can share your own colony with other players via Steam Workshop. In this way, others can download your colony and see how is it. If they want, they can play on it. If you need reference to see how to create a colony, you can directly download colonies from Workshop. In this way, if you want you can keep playing with it or if you want you can just check it to know how to make better one. That connects to you!

About the Game

The world is in danger. Our water is finishing, our world is finishing. We need a new world. For this, we’re going to moon. As player, you need make moon as livable. You need to make oxygen area, food places and clean water from in-side of Moon. Also to make people live there, you need to create water&electric stations by using your engineer abilities.

First start with looting materials; irons, golds and diamonds. Then you’ll need food and water. Create a farming area to get food&water. Then start building your colony but your colony will need electric&water. Because of that you need create electric engines and water engines and connect them with your colony houses. But don’t forget, you need to use your engineer abilities to connect them.

  • Level One Colony House: Needs low electric and water. It can handle only one person.
  • Level Two Colony House: Needs medium electric and water. It can handle three people.
  • Level Three Colony House: Needs high electric and water. It can handle five people.
  • Discovery Car: It has been made for low gravity of Moon. You can explain moonwith that and loot materials from caves as faster.
  • Flyable Discovery Ship: It can fly and make you play the game faster.
  • R.C Item Looter: With this vehicle, you can loot materials without having oxygen problem.
  • Electric Engine for electric generation and a water engine for water needs.
  • Use your engineer abilites to make water pipe and electric cable connects.
  • Use Lazer Item Looter gun to loot materials.
  • Use destroyer gun to destroy what you’ve builded.

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