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Customize your spin-top (Or ‘Sword’) and battle against others just like you to disginguish yourself from your peers! In the arena you can smash into your opponents to deal damage, or throw them over the edge to defeat them and claim victory for yourself.

Customize your sword to compliment your own playstyle, boosting your speed, attack, defense, knockback, weight, and health, to take down the competition. Find out which combo best suits you, or counter the choices of your enemies.

The customization is a great part of the game, partly because of the different stat boosts it will grant you, but also because it’s much better to beat your opponent while looking cool, rather than looking bland in the arena.

The gameplay is based around the physics of spintops. The controls can give a bit of a harsh learning curve, but if you stay determined you’ll easily figure out how to control your sword and swoop the legs out from under your opponents and push them into the jaws of defeat!

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