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Somewhere far in another galaxy there is a planet, covered with a thick layer of various jelly. And all creatures are made from jelly! Among the conscious residents of the planet, meat from jellyphants is being a hit. Big flocks ot these animals live in the wide meadows. They are get caught and transported to the huge process plant, where meat products are being made. Once an emergency occured, all these jellyphants escaped from cages! Help jellyphants to get out of the walls of the terrifiyng plant and get back to the violet meadows!
Many will fall, but their deaths will lead the way for others. Color the levels, destroy enemies and collect jellies to open cards and learn more about the jelly world!

— Using paint to uncover your surroundings
— Dynamic gameplay with paint explosions
— 30 levels giving a challenge and two endings
— 30 random eyes for jellyphants!
— 26 collectible cards about the jelly world! Collect them all!

WASD or Arrows — moving and jump
Mouse left — shot; Hold mouse left button — charge shot
F4 — windowed/fullscreen mode (carefully, the game will come out to the main menu!)
ESC — main menu/quit the game

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